Hooves Jamaica - The guided tours on horseback

Beach Ride

Our ride combines history with fun! 

You start with a safety briefing, then an introduction to your guides who will mount you up and make sure your tack is adjusted properly. 

After mounting up your adventure begins as you are guided around this World Heritage Site. 

Passing the site of a Taino village, the trail leads you through a tropical rain forest where your guide will point out various tropical trees and herbal remedy plants, passing you a leaf or two to try and guess the spices. 

you will see the preserved ruins of a sugar mill recently found and excavated. Out in the open now you will ride down the first main street in the new world where some 26 substantial houses were built by the Spanish and called Nueva Seville. On the way you pass the remains of the water distribution system for the houses, then before plunging into the forest again a look at the remains of the largest house called "The Castle" and see the well and the food storage holes the ground. 

Along a windy trail with tall trees on either side look out for land crabs scuttling away in the bushes, and then, all of a sudden a fresh sea breeze and the beach. You dismount and have a taste of what the Tiano's used to eat with some lemonade or purchase a cold Red Stripe beer.

Now for some fun, fun, fun.......

Into the sea on the back of your horse, we keep the saddles on the horses so you will be safer, and have a more comfortable ride. The water will be about four feet deep so while the horse tries to gallop the water slows him making it a safe but exciting pace. Our saddles are made for us in England for this specific purpose.

After  little craft and shell stall owned and operated by independent operators and have a chat and maybe pick up and item or two. See what the photographer has taken in her action shot. She can email it to you and give you a disc.

Then mount up again heading west, the beach where you then turn into the mangroves and a new trail, to see the English pier and warehouse before going into the jungle again and back to where you started.

Time from when you arrive in your bus until you depart is approximately two hours and the time of the ride one and a half.

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